About Us

Tattoo FX was established in 2004 and is a friendly, modern studio offering custom work in all styles, which can be seen from looking through the tattoo art in our galleries.

It is almost impossible to give a quote over the phone or via email, we need to see you in person. Small/medium size pieces we can give an idea of price, larger work is on an hourly rate. Prices given via email or telephone, etc, are an estimate only and may be subject to change depending on changes to the design! Use this link to get our email address (protects from bots this way): http://scr.im/tattoofx 

We welcome and advise consultations, and of course, these are free of charge. Consultations are an invaluable opportunity to get to meet your tattooist, to discuss and plan your designs in advance. At this point, you will also be given an indication of time required to complete your tattoo and a better idea of cost.

Once you have discussed everything with your tattooist, if you wish to, an appointment to carry out the work will then be arranged.

If, after your tattoo, you need a touch up, please contact us to arrange that. We don't have a time limit on touch ups but will take into consideration how much time has passed since the tattoo was done. Touch ups are nearly always free and we are more than happy to do them.

Charges for Neil and Luke are £90 an hour with a minimum deposit of £40, and also a day rate of £500 with a minimum of £100 deposit. The minimum charge for a small tattoo is £50 
Charge for Ness, is £80 per hour, and a day rate of £450.
IF you are getting an areola tattoo however, we won't charge for that.
A deposit is required at time of booking to secure an appointment.

Please CALL (01444 454411) or EMAIL the shop to cancel or change an appointment. 

We currently take cash as well as debit/credit cards.

The studio is registered with the Environmental Health and all tattooists work in clean rooms with autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners and disposable needles being standard.
If privacy is needed, we have a separate room which we can close off.
Ness is a qualified Infection Control and Allergy specialist and so should be able to help out with any problems at all. 

We are open everyday except Wednesday and Sundays between the hours of 10am and 6pm. (We are also closed on Bank Holidays and for a couple of weeks over Xmas every year) 

We can also issue gift vouchers for those looking for a great unique gift for friends or family.  The recipient can then contact us to discuss their design and book an appointment at their convenience.  Contact us for more info




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