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Neil wins 'Large Black 'n Grey at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2012

a_20120113_1346294148Neil wins Sundays Best Large Black & Grey category for an innovative mix of Thai Mandalas, Polynesian Blackwork and Victorian flourishes on Kirstin Cox. 

Neil wins 'Best Of Day' at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2009


Neil wins Saturdays Best of Day category for a Maori skull design on Alex Anscombe.

Neil wins 'Large Black 'n Grey' at Brighton Tattoo Convention 2008


Neil wins Best Large Black'n'Grey category for his Tibetan inspired backpiece on Billie-Jean Laidlaw.

Neil wins 'Tribal' at 'State Of The Art' Tattoo Convention in Derby

Polynesian inspired shorts

Neil wins Best Tribal category for his Polynesian inspired shorts on 'strong man' Lloyd Jarvis.

Neil wins 'Small Colour' at 'State Of The Art' Tattoo Convention in Derby


Neil wins Best Small Colour category for his Japanese inspired sleeve on Jackie Bass.

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