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Ness is an artist herself having studied Art & Design and Photography, as well as graffiti, and is on the front line meeting and greeting clients with a smile.

She is currently deep in training and using a lot of her free time to do a lot of design, as well as updating her skills on Photoshop. Ness' first love however is colour, graphic novels, animals and anything quirky and weird. She has completed training, and is now able to offer Areola tattooing for both Women and Men who have been through cancer, this is done strictly on a donation basis up to £80 per nipple. 

Using her art background she helps potential customers research and establish what their needs are if they are requiring help. It is an important part of the process making sure people are guided in the right direction and enabling them to have the most suitable appropriate and effective tattoo for each person.

Ness is the one you'll likely be in contact with on the telephone and via email and is also responsible for this very website. 

She is always happy to help out wherever she can.

Ness is fully qualified in Infection Control, Blood Bourne Contamination, and Allergies. If you are experiencing any difficulty, let her know and she will try and help you as much as possible. 

If you are interested in getting anything quirky or colour tattoo work by Ness, please contact the shop. She works every Friday and Saturday tattooing. 

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