Tattoo FX Bolnore

Pre Tattoo Information

Pre Tattoo Advice

Make sure you get a good nightʼs sleep beforehand and arrive well rested.
Itʼs best not to drink alcohol the night before your appointment as this thins the blood and can increase the chance of bleeding more.

Eat well beforehand to keep your blood sugars up which will help to avoid feeling faint. Stay hydrated and if your appointment is for several hours please bring a drink and food with you, please avoid bringing nut/peanut products as a team member is highly allergic.

Review the Consent Form to ensure you have all the information and meet the criteria.

Avoid sunbathing/sunbeds in the preceding days before your appointment as it’s not advisable to tattoo sunburnt skin, not only is it painful but can affect the quality of the end result.

We are happy to shave the area to be tattooed for you, however, if youʼd rather do this yourself, please do so the night before to allow time for any irritation to settle down.

Consider clothing. Wear something loose and comfortable. Avoid “best clothes” due to risk of ink staining!

Feel free to bring a distraction of some kind. We have WiFi available if you choose to watch a film on your device. Music will be played in the studio throughout the day so bring headphones if youʼre using your own device. A book/magazine can also be helpful.